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Are you a creative person? A dreamer who loves art and fairy tales?
Discover delightfully entertaining tales in comfy audio format and get your home an instant makeover with the new original art print!!!
Hey there! Congratulations! You just got yourself a super fun e-book of Lithuanian fairy tales and legends! The book is featuring such stories as"Egle the queen of the grass snakes" and "Founding of Vilnius" (the one with the iron wolf). They are widely known to any kid in Lithuania but very little known to the 

As entertaining as it might be, I know from experience that it can be tricky and take a lot of time to finally sit down and read that e-book. 
So I made it easy for you.

With this incredible offer you will get a 
professionally recorded AUDIO version 
of the book (with lovely British accent)
so you can listen to it wherever you might be.

Have you noticed the cover art? I bet you have! 
It was created as an original graphic art print and only later altered 
for the cover of this book. 
With this offer you will get an original black and white art print download in six sizes and one digital download from the cover. 

I know that sometimes it can be not entirely clear what to do with the digital download of the professional art. 
You don't want to spoil it by improper printing, am I right? 
That's why you will get a PDF guide of HOW TO PRINT YOUR PRINTABLE ART
It will show you what steps you should take to make the best of your downloadable art (you can use it later for any downloads just as a reminder to avoid common mistakes).

And that's not all! You will get another PDF guide to help you choose the right frame for your new art print. This you can use for any art framing later as well!

Also you will get access to my private Facebook group where you will find more stories and ancient Baltic gods, as well as discounts for my art products.

So don't hesitate, get this awesome offer now!
Here's what are you going to get:
  • ​A fascinating audio book of Lithuanian fairy tales and legends that every true fan of mythology and folklore has to have, to get you daydreaming wherever you go
  • ​A professionally prepared art print downloads from the cover art, to get your home an instant makeover, or give as a great gift
  • ​A PDF guide of how to print your printable art, to avoid common mistakes when printing
  • ​A PDF guide of how to frame your art and get the best look of your art print for your unique interior
  • ​Access to my private Facebook group for future discounts and stories
Get your super cool offer right now!
Are you exited yet? Wait till you see what awesome bonus I prepared just for this offer....

BONUS (Value 27$)
As a bonus I will give you 
a set of wallpapers with the same art print 
for your every device. 

Each piece is adapted to the size to look it's best on your screen. 

Now you can express your passion for mythology and fantasy with original unique wallpapers that everybody will ask where to get.

Let me just take you through all the amazing pieces real quick...
An audio book "Lithuanian fairy tales and legends"#1
Ten never heard fascinating tales professionally recorded with the cool British accent.
# $37 Value
A cover art download and original art print download #2
TWo unique art pieces to get your home an instant and unexpected makeover or to give as a very cool artistic gift without having to search any art shops.
# $37 Value
A PDF guide "How to print your printable art" #3
A guide of how to print your printable art
is a number one thing you will be asking yourself 'how to' when you'll get back to your art print download. So many people are constantly asking me this question that I decided to put my guidelines to a PDF and include in this offer. 
# $10 Value
A PDF guide "How to frame your print" #4
A guide of how to frame your print
will help you decide on what kind of frames would be best for any of the art pieces that you have. 
# $10 Value
An Entry To My Private Facebook Group #5
Facebook group is for my customers and fans. There they are getting all the information about upcoming launches, sales, and discount coupons. Also, all the stories are there too.
And, in this offer only I am going to include some super cool bonus as well! You will not get this anywhere else...
For Free - the set of artistic wallpapers for your devices with the same art print
Now you can have quality wallpapers with the real professional art on them. You can be sure it will impress your colleagues and friends. It will come in eight different sizes to fit your devices.
# $27 Value
This offer is great. You know you want it - so don't hesitate, the value of all the pieces compared to the price is so much higher!
Get Your Unique artistic set for dreamers Now because it's
limited time offer!
30 Day Guarantee
If you don't love this audio book and a set of graphic art downloads, 
you can write me an email within 30 days with any complains you might have and I will try my best to make it up to you. 
Here’s A Recap Of
When You Purchase The Set For Dreamers!
  • ​​A fascinating professionally recorded audio book of Lithuanian fairy tales and legends to get you daydreaming wherever you go ($37 Value)
  • ​A professionally prepared art print download from the cover art and original art print download in six sizes ($37 Value)
  • ​A PDF guide of how to print your printable art ($10 Value)
  • ​​A PDF guide of how to frame your art and get the best look of your art print for your unique interior ($10 Value)
  • ​​Access to my private Facebook group for future discounts and stories
  • ​​A set of wallpapers with the same art print drawing in eight sizes - Bonus# ($27 Value)
Total Value: $121
But today, you're getting all of this...
For Only $7
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